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I began blogging at LenEdgerly.com in 2004. You will find lots of travel writing here, as well as photos, essays, and ruminations.

Lately I have switched to Medium for my online writing, but I am cross-posting to this site as I go.

You will find show notes for my weekly podcast, The Kindle Chronicles, here and my Tweets here.


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  1. Dave McLaughlin says:

    Len, when I wrote feedback to you several years ago about “right-click here to copy this episode” (or some such) and fixed this problem, I didn’t expect it to reappear when you exploded to a much larger Chronicles site for Bradley’s show:
    This item: Media files
    TKC 515 Bradley Metrock.mp3 (audio/mpeg, 20.9mb)
    will copy to my computer and play OK, but will copy to my trusty old Sansa MP3 player and NOT play or even appear in the table of contents of the device. If I download the SAME style from the Jade Chang item below it, all works just fine. Thanks. Hope your new format soon has room for user responses to you…

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