Links for My Talk at the ZAPP® Conference 2010

Photograph by John Morgan, available on Flickr

The following are topics and sources I will mention in a presentation titled “Benefiting from New Technologies” at the ZAPP Conference 2010 on Monday, September 13, 2010, at 1 p.m. Central Time in St. Louis, organized by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF):

1. FaceTime

A live iPhone 4 FaceTime demonstration that will link us with Kesler Woodward in his gallery and painting studio in Fairbanks, Alaska.  On Twitter: @KeslerWoodward. Facebook: click here.

2. iPhone Applications

Cherry Creek Arts Festival

UtahArtsFest – app created by Mike Crandall of Salt Lake City

Art 41 Basel


3. Facebook and Social Media

Live Skype interview with fine artist and social media powerhouse Lori McNee of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Lori’s Fine Art Tips blog

@LoriMcNeeArtist on Twitter

Facebook page

YouTube videos

Blog posts by Lori:

How Artists Can Use YouTube to Improve Marketing

5 Reasons Why Artists Need Social Media & Eye-Opening Stats to Back it Up!

Is the Social Media Bandwagon Right for You?

Art Fairs on Facebook:

St James Court Art Show and fan version

4. More About Twitter

Live demo with help from my followers.

Joel Anderson’s tweet from the St. Louis Art Fair

Interview excerpt with his wife, Diane Williamson

My Twitpic of Joel in Booth 615.

(Twitter graphic by Gopal.)

5. Podcasting

Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Podcasting statistics in 2010 from Edison Research.

6. Tablet Mania

Apple iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab



7. Other Online Resources

Art Fair Insiders


Art Fair Resources

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