The place looks fabulous. Francoise took very good care of our home while she was here and left lavender gifts in the bedroom, several new CDs in my study, and a supply of good books in French. Darlene and I lucked out on our 10-hour flight from Heathrow to Denver, getting upgraded to roomier Business Class. We watched “Sense and Sensibility” and a couple of other movies. It’s 6 am tomorrow morning in Cannes, so this is a discombobulated eight-time-zone night when I won’t attempt to sum up our five-week sojourn, except to say we are very grateful to Francoise for swapping homes with us, and that we are already looking ahead to a longer stay in France next year.

[As this concludes the Cannes Chronicles, I’d like to ask for any feedback from readers that might be helpful for future Chronicles, either as comments here or in an e-mail to .]

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