Unplugging at Maho Bay

Today we packed up our things from the apartment and relocated to Maho Bay Camps, about a half-hour drive along the north shore of St. John. This will probably be my last post for about a week, because of technical difficulties. I can’t plug the Vaio into a phone line, because of a change of policy from last year. There are only two aging computers available, both jammed into a closet where you sit back to back with the other user and pay $5 for a half-hour of slow connection. I can’t upload photos. So it’s a good time to chill from the digital for a while and settle into the rustle of the trees and the sound of the tree frogs and surf from our cabin-tent. We’ve come here together for many years, and Darlene came before that on her own at a time when she was making big personal decisions. I find it ridiculously difficult to unplug, but here I go, open to whatever the magic of Maho may bring our way this visit. Over and out.

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