Le Blog and The Book

A French blogger reports an apparent first, at least in France: A book whose cover displays the author’s blog address. Will this become the norm, as prevalent a stop on the author’s slog toward building audience as the book tour? In a comment to the post, the book’s author says his blog came first, and that he was not forced by his publisher to do a blog for publicity’s sake. Well okay, but I suspect that soon he will be one of the last authors to be able to make that claim. Authors (and artistes?), start your blogs!

Tomorrow (April 2) will be the last day until May 28th that The Chronicles will appear in English. While Darlene and I are immersed in French at Institut de Francais in Villefrance-sur-mer, I plan to write only in French and to limit my reading of English as much as possible. Family and friends, in preparation for this obsessive move. have had decent results copying and pasting French and English into this web site, which provides instant translations for both languages, as well as a long list of others, including Portuguese and Korean.

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  1. Matthew Saunders says:

    C’est bien Len! Je suis prĂȘt!

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