Change in Course

Yesterday marked the end of the our first month of study at l’Institut de français, and I have decided it will also mark the end of my French-only blogging. Until the next time I change my mind, I plan to write in English and French. I realized, in talking to Jean-Pierre yesterday at lunch, that I have not really been writing in French up to now. I have been writing in English and translating, with slavish use of my digital translator, into French words. I learned a lot doing this, but I don’t think it’s a good process for moving more deeply into the music and essence of French. Jean-Pierre strongly urged me to write without a dictionary and to edit and correct errors in language later.

We are off now for a train ride to Cannes, where we will have lunch chez Francoise and her cousins André and Jacqueline, who were so hospitable to us when we stayed in Cannes last fall.

The photo is from graduation yesterday in the grand salon. My Intermédiare III classmate Louisa from Monaco is shown receiving her diploma, with distinction. Presenting the diploma is Vicky, Darlene’s teacher, who is also the supervisor of all the other teachers. Darlene and I won’t receive our diplomas until the end of the May course. The graduation ceremony featured champagne, caviar on crackers, and a recording of Edith Piaf with hokey but heartfelt group sign-along. Posted by Hello

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