Sky Train

It’s no coincidence that the café car on the Train à Grand Vitesse (TGV) looks like a spaceship. The train travels at up to 200 miles per hour, and inside it’s as quiet as a library. Darlene and I happily read and dozed all the way home.

As we were getting our bags ready for departure in Cannes, an older woman was struggling with a big piece of luggage. I helped her get it down, and we visited as the train slowed and entered the station. She was traveling with her daughter, Anca Colbert, who lives in Los Angeles and said she thought she detected a “slight” American accent in my French. This made me laugh, and I thanked her for being so gracious..

Anca has a friend who owns French restaurants in Denver and Boulder, so we plan to look him up. His last name, believe it or not, is Menu. Anca also told me an organization called Le Club des Poètes in the 7th Arrondissement. We exchanged cards on the train station platform. Anca wrote her mother’s name, Paulette, on the back of her card, along with Paulette’s phone number, in case we ever need some mothering while we’re here. You never know! Posted by Hello

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