Mile High Home

We rolled our luggage into the apartment in Denver this morning at 1:30 am. We’re tired. A trip to Whole Foods in Cherry Creek made me think the designers of the displays must have spent some time in the open-air markets of France. The Segway still works, and I glided through the empty streets of LoDo this morning. I was able to hover in the middle of 17th Street and take a series of photos of Union Station. I had a Denver skillet for brunch at Dixon’s. It was fun to see a bottle of Heinz kechup proudly perched on the table; whenever eggs were served in France I was tempted to ask for kechup but always resisted the temptation, fearing I would spark an international culinary incident.

This evening I downloaded an amazing Google program that enables you to “fly” to any spot on the globe from outer space. I have taken odd comfort moving the cursor from Denver to France and back numerous times, enjoying the visual illusion of soaring up into space and then settling down on the other side of the ocean. This may be good therapy for jet lag.

I can tell that three months is a long time to be away, because in that time the old Post Office complex in Lower Downtown was completely demolished and carted away. Also, a huge new parking garage was built on the Auraria campus. I don’t even remember the beginnings of excavation in late March, just before we left.

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