Night and Day Downeast

Old Orchard Beach fireworks last night. For $30 I had my fortune told by Madame Marsh, an OOB fixture for 38 years. She threw tarot cards and saw a healthy grandson arriving, and lots of money from my work as a writer. So if you start seeing Volvo and Starbucks ads on the Chronicles, you can be sure that I will pay a return visit to Madame Marsh for the full monty, a Spiritual Reading for $75.

My father and I took Amtrak’s Downeaster from Old Orchard to Boston’s North Station this morning. We talked of many things, and fielded one call from Fifi and several from Mom as we watched bright sunlight play in the forest beside the tracks. He had a blueberry cake, and I had cranberry, and we each had a cup of Starbucks coffee, black. We will return to the beach this afternoon via Boston Coach after his lunch in Cambridge with the president of the Federalist Society.

Here at Starbucks at 143 Stuart Street, I shared a handicapped table with Adriana Yu, a sophomore at Bentley College who for the past four years has interned at the Boston bank where Dad was CEO for 15 years. She is 19 years old and speaks Chinese. We agreed it is a very small world.

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