Blogger Buddy

I had lunch today at India House with Joel, an enlightened blogger pal from the Zen Center of Denver. It was an odd and pleasant intersection of virtual and “real” life, because he and I read each other’s blogs regularly, but this is only the second time we’ve met for an extended visit in person. I found myself telling him something and realizing by his slightly glazed look that he probably had already read that particular bit on my blog.

Joel is the second young man in a week who has confessed to an obsession with the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft. The first was Eli, the son of my painter friend Kes Woodward. As we walked to the 16th Street Mall shuttle, Joel warned me of the danger of trying out the game, and he wasn’t kidding. The last time he checked, he had spent eight full (as in 24 hours each) days playing the game in the past five months, and he hasn’t dared check the tally lately. I looked over Eli’s shoulder at the scene he was playing on his laptop in La Conner, and I was intrigued. Now comes Joel telling of his experiences in the same elaborately fabricated world. I know I will ignore his warning and begin my own explorations at the first opportunity.

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