On the Road Again

I am ripping music off CDs onto an SD card, so I will have new music in my ear buds during the JetBlue flight to Boston tonight. In less than an hour we will roll our bags and Claire over to the bus station for the ride to Denver International. From Logan early tomorrow morning we will go direct to Maine for a few days of beach and foliage watching. Then back to Cambridge for some family visiting. “Oh how she’s grown!” will greet Claire everywhere, now that she is a strapping 3 pounds, according to the scale at the UPS store this evening.

My digital packing takes longer than the time required to stuff clothes, shoes and power adapters in my Tumi bag. I go through a laborious process of transferring all my Microsoft Outlook files to the Vaio, along with the Quicken accounts. This trip I had the added task of loading all five disks of the World of Warcraft software onto the Vaio, so I can continue my explorations of Lothar and Nathrezeim during the two weeks we will be away.

My cousin Jim and I had a long conversation at Starbucks in Writers Square the day after Rev. Moon’s appearance in Denver. We went through my blog entry paragraph by paragraph, using it as a jumping off point for a deep exploration of big issues. Jim likes to think and talk about the meaning of life, but many of us in the family are wary of engaging him on the topic, because we are afraid we’re going to get rigid Moon views stuffed down our throats, with no real chance for give and take. I’m not saying it’s easy to engage someone whose beliefs are as strong and clear as Jim’s, but I found it was worth the effort to find out what led to his involvement with the Unification Church when he was 19 years old. He was a young man aching for answers about life, and when he first encountered Moon’s very long book, it made sense to him. Later, the first time he met Rev. Moon, it was in a large group. When Moon said, “Let us pray,” Jim began crying, and was followed by everyone else in the room. Why? Because he seemed to literally have the weight of the world on his shoulders, Jim said. Anyway, it was a fascinating encounter. Jim e-mailed me today saying he had forwarded part of my blog entry “to the highest level of our US movement”, along with Jim’s own observations.

Oops. We’re running late for the bus….

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