Home is Where the WIFI Is

It’s a little tough to see the motorhome in this photo, but we’re parked on the right side of the Borders store, backed in to the truck loading bay, hoping the Bangor store is not expecting a delivery of books and coffee today. What’s perfect about this is that I’m getting a strong WIFI signal from the cafe, so I can use my T-Mobile Hotspot account without having to play table roulette, hopping from one table to the next as they empty, trying to get the one next to the electrical outlet. Here in the Southwind, I’m sitting in the passenger’s seat with my MacBook Pro powered by the cigarette lighter, so we don’t need to run the generator.

At 5 pm tonight, Chris at Webb’s RV is scheduled to work on our slideout problem, and if all goes well, we will be headed to Presque Isle in the morning. But even when little goes well mechanically, we seem to have a very decent time, rambling from one place to the next, reading good books, chatting and walking the dog.

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