Day 39 of the Fall Foliage RV Ramble

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Play with Me!, originally uploaded by LenEdgerly.

It’s a rainy night at the Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort in Foxboro, Massachusetts. I love the sound of rain on the roof when it’s propane-heat cozy inside. It has been more and more difficult to find campgrounds that are open this late in the season. So we were thrilled to find this one, about 40 minutes from Cambridge. Plus, it’s the Waldorf-Astoria of campgrounds, boasting not only fast WIFI connections and lovely, wooded grounds but a heated, indoor swimming pool, ATM machine, store, and people who will come and walk your dog for you. We have reserved Site B3 through Friday and are on the waiting list if something opens up for the weekend, when Normandy Farms is completely sold out because of a Halloween party. If we stay, we will need to buy a big bag of candy to dole out to scary little campers scampering among the rigs.

Darlene spent the day working on a new quilt, and I pressed ahead with a family movie project filmed at the memorial service of my uncle in August. Claire waited for someone to roll her ball, without much luck. It’s amazing how fast a day like this goes, unpunctuated by any visitors or appointments. Blink, and it’s dark. We have the Volvo with us now, after deciding to travel in tandem since our stay in Ocean Park, Maine, and there was talk about driving to Whole Foods for supplies tonight. The sound of that rain, though, is making me more inclined to graze on existing treats, featuring Macintosh apples, pancakes, potato chips, and butterscotch pudding.

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