City Days

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Boston Common, originally uploaded by LenEdgerly.

Ye olde motorhome is parked in a driveway in Cambridge, near my sister’s home. This makes us instant neighbors, a very pleasant development. Darlene and I walked over to Steph and Tim’s house for a comfort-food supper of Texas hash, made from Grammie Stiles’s recipe. Then we walked back so I could show them a slide show I’ve set to a James Taylor tune, featuring foliage from the ramble.

I took the photo above yesterday on Boston Common, walking to a meeting at the New England Foundation for the Arts. Their office is on the seventh floor overlooking the Common, including a spectacular view of the gold dome of the Massachusetts State House.

We’re a long way from Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Camp Resort, but the two rooms we’re living in are exactly the same, no matter where we park the rig. The Ramble is in its final days, having sped by at a leisurely pace.

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