On the Road Again

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I-90, originally uploaded by LenEdgerly.

With the Southwind safely back with its owner in Westbrook, Maine, Darlene and Claire and I have begun our drive back to Denver, much closer to the ground, in the Volvo. Today’s first leg, from Cambridge to Hamburg, New York, outside Buffalo, was uneventful except for snow flurries during the last hour.

Darlene drove the whole 450 miles, since I was an unreliable driver after flying to Denver and back in the past two days on JetBlue’s red eyes. I knew I was impaired when I went into a restroom off I-90 and wondered how come there weren’t any urinals. Right….it was the women’s, and I escaped without provoking an incident. So I rode in the passenger seat, dozed, checked e-mail and took this oddly satisfying photo with my Motorola Q phone just outside Buffalo.

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