Hartford Sojourn

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Littlest Hotel Guest, originally uploaded by LenEdgerly.

We dropped off Darlene’s friend Tish at her son’s home outside of Hartford last night. This gave us the chance to spend the night in a handsome hotel in downtown Hartford, the Goodwin. We are in a big room with slants in the ceiling and little windows peeking out from the top floor, like an attic. I had imagined looking for the home of Wallace Stevens, Hartford’s famous businessman-poet, but we’re having too much fun here at the hotel, reading the paper, drinking Peet’s coffee, and playing ball with Claire.

The Hartford Courant this morning has a moving profile of the Worcester Wreath Co., a Maine business that each Christmas donates wreaths to decorate the graves of veterans at Arlington National Cemetery. On Dec. 10 a tractor-trailer with 5,000 wreaths will leave Harrington, Maine, accompanied by the Patriot Guard Riders motorcycle club, following Route 1 for the four-day trip to D.C. The web site for Wreaths Across America is here.

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