Queen of the Elder Bloggers

Steve Garfield’s mother has been a great sport following in her son’s footsteps as a web media pioneer. She writes “My Mom’s Blog” by Thoroughly Modern Millie, and in this TV story, she talks about how her life has changed as a result of her online adventures. She has made new friends from all over, including Paris. Steve himself is the Vlog Prince, a happy and insightful evangelist for all things video on the web. I follow his work regularly, and I particularly like his series of videos in which he helps Millie open pesky containers. Here is a sample, Number VII of “I Can’t Open It.”

What’s great about this is how mother and son have deepened their bond through technology. It’s happened in my own family, as my ability to help my parents through various techno-tangles has knitted us closer together, even when stuff happens that frustrates the hell out of them. Like Millie, they motor on and make their son proud.

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