Live from the Line

At about 6:45 a.m. the doors opened to the Moscone Center, and the long, wide line flowed indoors. We were like a herd of bats, blinking our eyes in the bright lights. The line is now recreated in a vast room with concrete floor and high ceilings, like a warehouse. This is the room in which we wait to enter The Room where Steve Jobs will bring us the future.

Technical difficulty kept me from adding audio from Morten of Denmark. But in a fine internet moment, Mary Agnes from Portland asked if I might be able to find a site that would explain a sewing stitch she needed for the scarf she’s working on while she waits in line. Google didn’t fail me, and within minutes we found out that “ssk” means “slip, slip, knit,” and there was even a diagram to explain how to do it. Luckily my Verizon EVDO BroadbandAccess internet connection is rock solid here in the Moscone Center, as it was out on the sidewalk.

Two hours before show time. I’m VERY glad I invested in my little camp seat at REI yesterday.

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