Web 2.0 Traffic Jam

I’ve been trying to return to the brand-new Yahoo aggregator/mashup site called Pipes after reading about it at 5 a.m. this morning, but I can’t get back in. Pipes looks like a new and improved way of automagically collecting information through feeds from the internet the way I’ve been doing with Netvibes, a program which originates in France. I’m having the same trouble getting in to Me.dium , a site which shows you who else is visiting web pages you are on.

When one of these hot new ways of using the internet appears (fed to me immediately by NetVibes, of course), I sense a swarm of people rushing to try them out, which can overload even the vast computer resources of Yahoo, apparently.

I’m finding people in Denver who are active in the area of bringing new internet tools to organizations and corporations. One is Hugh Graham, whom I met yesterday for coffee with Anthony Radich, executive director of the Western States Arts Federation. Hugh has been toiling away at user interface projects for a long time. He also has a gorgeous and well-written blog here. Another is Brendan Leonard, blogger-in-chief at the Rocky Mountain News community journalism site, YourHub. I’ve been e-mailing Brendan, and he featured the latest episode of the Video Pod Chronicles here.

The real traffic jam sometimes, like this morning, seems to be in my head, where thoughts and ideas about how to learn about and use these new internet wonders swirl around so fast I get dizzy and overwhelmed, resentful of the fact that I need six or seven hours of sleep each night and time out to graze standing up in the kitchen. Since Darlene is away visiting her sister for a week on St. John, I have fallen deeper into the digital whirlpool than usual, since I have no one urging me to tear myself away from the screen.

The antidote: a half hour of zazen, next up on my schedule this foggy morning in Denver.

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