Giuliani in Drag

I first heard about this in Andy Bowers’s great collection of all the scary video clips out there ready to haunt Presidential candidates. It included a snippet from this video of Giuliani wearing a fetching dress, getting his ample breasts kissed by The Donald. Today Garrison Keillor weighs in with a Salon column titled, “Giuliani’s Dress Rehearsal,” which includes this helpful advice:

Mr. Giuliani should put the issue behind him by answering a few questions: 1) How much did he have to drink that night, and what was he drinking? 2) Whose idea was it — his own or an aide’s? If the latter, was there wagering involved and how much was bet? 3) Were the garments new or used, and who picked them out? And was he wearing male or female underthings? 4) On a scale of one to 10, how good did he feel in that dress?

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