Way Before Obama was a Rock Star…

I find it eerie to watch this 2002 video of Barack Obama in which he states why, if he were in the U.S. Senate, he would have voted against the resolution authorizing military force in Iraq, not because peace is always better than war, but because this particular war would lead to very difficult scenarios in the aftermath of ousting Saddam. He speaks specifically of the potential of Iraq being torn asunder by conflict among Sunnis, Shia, and Kurds. Somehow, as an Illinois state senator, he was reading the realities of the Mideast more accurately than the Clintons, Biden, Edwards, Kerry, and the Bush Administration. One wonders what he sees now that will look this smart five years down the road. It makes me want to listen to him very closely.

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One Response to Way Before Obama was a Rock Star…

  1. John Joseph says:

    Very True. He has always been saying the correct thing, but now he needs to convince the nation that he is right about the future. We Have To Convince Them!

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