Sweetheart, Get Me Rewrite!

In the days before laptops, modems, and the internet, reporters would call their newspapers from the scene of a hot story and ask for a wordsmith who would turn their oral blatherings into print-worthy prose. As a one-time reporter myself, I am reminded of this history when I call Jott on my cellphone and record a 30-second message that shows up in a few minutes as an e-mail in my Inbox. It’s a free service, and you can send e-mails via voice to anyone. This would be a cool way to remind myself of something I just thought of while driving around Denver. “Hey, don’t forget to post today’s video for Videoblogging Week, big guy!”

I heard about Jott on this episode of the TECHPopuli podcast, hosted by Jack Hodgson, whom I met Sunday at Boston Media Makers. Jack describes his podcast as “Geeky Technology for Regular People,” and each daily episode is about five minutes or less, chock full of useful and interesting tech bits. Highly recommended.

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