My Show Gets Picked up in Taiwan

Mind-bender of an evening here, playing with . I set up a streaming broadcast in my studio and spent some time chatting with myself before bbluesman showed up on the list of people in my Ustream chat room. I started typing to him, but he gently guided me to the fact that I didn’t need to type, all I had to do was talk into the mic and camera on my MacBook Pro. So I’m talking to someone, and he’s typing back to me.

“Where are you?” I ask.

“Taiwan,” he types.

Turns out he’s an American named Mark Forman living in Taiwan, married to a Taiwanese woman. He’s a podcaster and knows his way around Second Life, and naturally he’s Twittering. We visited for a while before signing off, and now it’s 1 a.m. and I REALLY need to get to sleep. I suppose I’ll turn the broadcast back on tomorrow (today, actually) and see who else turns up for the show, tentatively titled “Streaming Pod Chronicles.

Photo is of a puppet show in Taiwan from Mark’s Flickr site.

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