The Power of Positive Twittering

Yesterday at the Salt Lake City airport I used my Q phone to upload a plaintive Tweet, hoping I’d make an earlier flight to Denver. Lo and behold, a seat opened up on the small SkyWest plane, and I was home in time to upload my Audio Pod Chronicles episode and get a decent night’s sleep.

This morning, searching on my name at Twittermap, I found that two Twitterers had posted positive thoughts for a seat. One is a guy named Joe, Twitter name taoofjoe, a reference to his internet- and tech-savvy blog, The Tao of Joe. Like me, he divides his time between the Mountain and Eastern time zones, in his case Boulder and Nags Head, N.C. The other positive Twitterer was bowbrick, a London internet exec named Steve Bowbrick who also has a compelling blog named bowblog blah blah blah. I found Steve’s post today on Tony Blair’s exit fascinating, especially his suggestion that Sarkozy may be the next 21st century politician to match Blair’s eerie political powers.

To me, this is Twitter at its best: 140-character connections making me feel the world is a friendlier place than I knew, leading to my discovery of two smart people writing well about topics that fascinate me. How cool is that?

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