On Line for the Future

I woke up at 2 a.m. and knew I wouldn’t be getting back to sleep, so I drove over to the Galleria Mall in Cambridge, home of the Apple Store. Lo and behold, no one else was there, so I became the First One in Line. iPhoner Number 2, Alfredo Padilla, managing editor of Wirelessinfo.com, arrived 20 minutes later. He is part of a tag team from his company, and they will be putting the iPhone through a battery of tests as soon as they get their hands on one. (Alfredo also took the above photo, showing me in my chaise from Target, the most brilliant part of my arsenal.)

Latoyia Edwards of New England Cable News has been doing live feeds from the front of the line. Here‘s one of them. Sleep deficit is kicking in, and I’ve got too many windows open on my screen. I have to say the time is flying by, though. I have no sense of boredom. I am surrounded by uber-geeks, my tribe. Latoyia in her interview asked me how much I would take in cash to give up my spot at the front of the iPhone line. I honestly could not think of a number high enough.

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