The Day After

This is my favorite image from all the coverage I’ve seen so far on yesterday’s launch of the iPhone. It’s on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News. Top tech blogger Robert Scoble hoists his new iPhone as he emerges from the Apple store in Palo Alto.

The video I made of my surreal stroll through the Cambridge Apple store yesterday at 6 p.m. has already been viewed 2.500 times on YouTube and has generated some passionate comments, not all favorable to the new phone. “A gross display of mindless consumerism,” wrote a guy whose YouTube username is reflexing. “Well done.” But most comments shared in the excitement of the scene, such as this one from blakeproductions : “MOTHER FUCKER!! AAAA fUCKING COOL!!! Lucky!!!!!!!!!” I also received a lengthy e-mail from a guy named Dave, who did a tongue-in-cheek calculation of the economic value of the time I and others wasted standing in line, which he put at over $4 million, adding, “Damn that is a lota chedda.” All in all, it’s great feedback, and way more than I ever got publishing poems in literary magazines.

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