Even in Casper

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Even in Casper, originally uploaded by LenEdgerly.

I lived in Casper, Wyoming, for 20 years and never thought I’d see the day Starbucks would come to town. Returning to visit friends, I find not one but two (the second due to open next month). I have to admit that it’s jarring to read a Casper Star-Tribune at a little round table in a high-ceilinged, French-roast-friendly Star-pod. I’m almost relieved they don’t have WiFi yet.

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One Response to Even in Casper

  1. Brendan Leonard says:

    Len, I felt the same way about Missoula, Montana, home of many drive-thru espresso booths. I left in 2004, and about a year and a half later, they finally got a Starbucks, albeit way out on the commercialized edge of town. It was a big enough deal to make an actual news story in The Missoulian. Now they have two Starbucks, but neither one does a great amount of business.

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