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29 giugno 2007: Apple iPhone | Notizie | Telefonino.netLink
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My friend Valerie Ellis today sent me a translation of an Italian journalist’s story about my 15 minutes of iPhone celebrity on launch day in Cambridge, Mass. Here’s how it went:

Winner, Len Edgerly. It’s not a car race or a track meet (in this case, we’re talking about a marathon of 10,000 meters) for the iPhone. For the man from Colorado, the wait is over, as well as for millions of panting Americans. Len Edgerly arrived at Cambridge Mall at 3am on Friday, sat on his lawn chair, in the company of a couple of sandwiches and a lot of pop, a good book and the indispensable imac, and waited fifteen hours to get his hands on one of the many iphones available as of today at stores in the U.S.

While for Europe and Italy, the American’s new product is still a dream, for the U.S., as in so many situations, it’s already a reality and Len Edgerly is the first man in Boston to own one. Thanks to Tnet, we were able to participate in what for the collective imagination is a day to remember. On the 29th, Apple arrived in the mobile world and the people are scrambling for it. By car, we arrvied at Cambridge Mall in the early afternoon, finding an unexpected show. Approximately 107 were in line 1/12 hours before the opening, on thier lawn chairs, the iPhone some meters away waiting to show off.

How fun is this? Thanks very much to Valerie for la traduzione!

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