Down East Features RV Videos on How NOT to Find Peak Foliage

Down East Online has done a wonderful job displaying seven of the videos I created a year ago when Darlene and I rented a motorhome for a six-week Fall Foliage Ramble through New England. Lorie Costigan, online content developer for the classic Maine publication founded in 1954, e-mailed me to ask if she could use a video she’d come across. This led to a pleasant exchange of e-mails, and I pointed her to six other videos from the trip. I mentioned in one of my messages that Darlene and I had carried on a Lucy-and-Desi-style rolling dispute about where the peak foliage was. She included this in the accompanying article and added,

Sadly, Len is correct; the videos show the Edgerlys managed to avoid peak foliage, finding instead the crumpled, brown remains of the swamp maples and missing the riot of color that descends from points north south in October. The state’s online peak foliage report is a good reference point.

We will definitely link to that foliage report next time! [UPDATE: the link doesn’t seem to be live anymore but maybe will be reactivated soon, as the leaves begin to turn again.]

I highly recommend the Down East Online site to you, and not just for its astute selection of user generated content. Down East Online offers big, handsome photos of Maine, sharp writing, and elegant web design–all while maintaining the classic atmosphere of the print publication. It’s a great example of graceful porting of old media to new, to the benefit of both.

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