Social-Savvy Travel Guide Finds a Great Photo

A while back I received an e-mail from Emma Williams, managing editor of Schmap Guides, asking if they could use a photo I’d taken during a stay at the Admiral Fell Inn in Baltimore. She said there would be no money involved, but credit for my photo, and I said sure. Today I received an e-mail notifying me the photo is now included in their latest guide. I like this! If you click on the photo, it takes you to my Flickr page with the photo and others.

This seems like a smart way to involve people in your travel site, spreading the link love and handling the details in a professional manner with clear communication and a friendly manner. Bravo, Schmap Guides! And BTW, the Admiral Fell Inn gets a little love out of this, too. I enjoyed my stay there and am glad this memory of it is now in a place others can benefit from.

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