Podcasting for the Arts in Montana

UPDATE: The embedded frame now contains archive of my presentation.

UPDATE 2: My presentation begins at about 10 minutes into the recording, so you might want to move the slider bar ahead that far to skip past the setup.

If all goes well, the above window will show the live feed of my presentation today in Great Falls Montana at the Montana Arts Council’s “Marketing Tune-Up” workshop. I am scheduled to begin my “Technology as a Strategic Tool” presentation at 10:15 am Mountain Time (12:15 p.m. Boston time). I will spend most of my time urging the nine arts organizations at the workshop to consider podcasting as a way to reach new audiences. We will create a composite audio podcast featuring 2-minute snippets from each one and upload it during the second hour of my presentation.

Here are places I’ll take my audience on the Internet:

Kodak “Winds of Change” video



ComScore stats on growth in online video viewing

A 3-year-old reviews Star Wars – video

Bill O’Reilly’s meltdown – video

Viral Video Chart

Tacoma Art Museum on Twitter

Yesterday’s streaming went pretty well and you can click here for Jim Copenhaver’s talk on audience development. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the record feature to work during Dale Erquiaga’s excellent presentation on branding, but he had some viewers during the live stream and some action in the chat room. UPDATE: Click here for the second part of Dale’s talk, given today (May 17)>

UPDATE: Here is the link for the audio podcast the group made during my workshop session, quick voices from the following Montana arts organizations: CM Russell Museum, Montana PBS, Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, Butte Center for Performing Arts, Paris Gibson Square museum, Southwest Montana Arts Council, Great Falls Symphony, Premiere Dance Company, and Great Falls Arts Association.

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