Train Geek

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Train Geek, originally uploaded by LenEdgerly.

I love trains, and the two-hour Downeaster from Old Orchard Beach, Maine, to Boston’s North Station is one of my favorites. The OOB stop is seasonal, available only in the summer, when I can walk to it from the cottage or get a lift for the five-minute drive if I’ve got luggage. I treat myself to Business Class, not much more than Coach on this trip, but more room and a free non-alcoholic beverage. I had a hot dog and a cup of Legal Seafood’s clam chowdah for lunch, downloaded a guilty-pleasure beach read to the Kindle, The Beach House by Jane Green (excellent so far), and now am happily ensconced at a table in the cafe car, surfing a strong 3G signal from AT&T wireless, enjoying the photo that the cafe hostess took on my iPhone. Ah, life!

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2 Responses to Train Geek

  1. Karen (aka MrsB) says:

    Heavenly! I love trains too and of course, all things geeky 🙂 Your day would be right up my alley as well. BTW.. Jane Green is a perfect “beach book” author so good choice there. (Just know, you’ve discovered one of the classic “chick-lit” authors! hehe)

  2. lilalia says:

    If you like trains come on over to central Europe. It is a train lover’s paradise. Your photo says it all.

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