A Podcast is Born

Yesterday I created and uploaded Episode 1 of a new podcast, The Kindle Chronicles. I’m very excited about the project, because the Kindle has changed the way I read, and I know that I’m not alone. The weekly podcast, scheduled for release each Friday by noon, will comprise Kindle News, a Tech Tip, the “What’s on Your Kindle?” interview, and a Kindle Quote. Baratunde Thurston hit a homer as the first interview subject for the podcast. I listened to our conversation in the car this morning and was really struck with the power of Baratunde’s ideas about how social media could combine with the Kindle for shared reading experiences. Jeff Bezos, are you listening?

Please join the conversation by subscribing (the iTunes directory listing is under review) and commenting on the podcast. If you are a Kindle reader and are interested in being interviewed, please let me know. If you are Jeff Bezos’s scheduler, don’t delay–there are still some good openings available!

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