Stay Tuned for These Montana Arts Podcasts

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The seven arts organizations at the Montana Arts Council’s Marketing Tune-Up today created pilot podcasts. After an energetic pitch on behalf of podcasting, I had a chance to demonstrate the technical gremlins which often intervene. What happened was that after doing all seven podcasts, with the recording light on my Edirol R-09 working, levels showing, all normal–none of the .mp3 files appeared on my computer when I attempted to upload them to Libsyn. I re-recorded all of them, but somehow deleted the second take for the Missoula Cultural Council. The third take also wouldn’t take, and neither Tom Bensen nor I had the heart to go for a fourth attempt. I will say that Tom did an excellent interview with Marilyn Bruya, and I hope they follow up by creating the “Cultural Moment” podcast which they did such a good job experimenting with.

Seven pilot podcasts survived the gremlins, as follows:

The Stevensville Playhouse Podcast by the Chantilly Theatre in Stevensville, (soon to change their name to the Stevensville Playhouse), featuring Ben Courteau and Harold Shinsato.

Red Truck Review by the Missoula Children’s Theatre, featuring Don Collins, co-founder and senior development officer.

Chorus Clatter by the Missoula Community Chorus, featuring Kevin Johnson, treasurer.

“The Downbeat Down Low with Darko” podcast by the Missoula Symphony, featuring Music Director Darko Butorac. Darko also volunteered earlier in my presentation for this video clip.

The Montana Rep Podcast by the Montana Repertory Theatre, featuring Greg Johnson, artistic director.

Sunburst Arts Update by the Sunburst Foundation in Eureka, Montana, featuring Keri Goodwin.

Click here for a list of links I mentioned in my presentation to this very engaged and promising group of potential podcasters.

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  1. Justin Kownacki says:

    Great ideas here. I love the idea of performing arts organizations using social media to spread the word about who they are, what they do, and how and why. Plus, to use a sadly overused phrase, Darko really seems to “get it.”

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