Mornings in Maine

Most mornings in Maine, I wake up in time for the sunrise. I can see the sea and sky from my side of the bed, and if the scene looks promising I think about taking a photo. Yesterday there was no gap between the thought and the rolling out of bed. I pulled on my shorts and tiptoed down the creaky stairs with my Nikon, hoping not to wake my wife and the Yorkie Claire. I arrived at my usual sunrise photo spot on the path to the beach just in time to catch the sun hovering over Prouts Neck.

As it happened, my parents were on Prouts Neck yesterday morning, waking up at the Black Point Inn. I joined them there for a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and real maple syrup. Things got more complicated after that, involving a drive to the southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford to check out my Dad’s scary-looking bloodshot left eye. It all turned out okay, and we even made it to Ocean Park in time for the long-planned family party at my sister’s place.

Now this new morning has arrived. There will be comings and goings at the cottages. Darlene is feeling better after her bout with a stomach bug yesterday that meant she missed the party. Claire is chewing a rawhide chew on the old braided rug. I love the light indoors and out this time of day. It bathes the old things of the cottage in a golden glow that makes everything look right.

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