My Latest Attempt to Get Organized

Stever Robbins creates a digital autograph at Porter Square Books

Stever Robbins, author of the  just-released Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do MoreClick here for Kindle version– gave a lively presentation yesterday at Podcamp Boston 5. In the evening at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, he made the first stop on what I’m sure will be a successful tour promoting the book.

“The key to working less is being on purpose,” Stever writes in Step 1.  He is a fellow Harvard Business School graduate, so I have some clue as to where he’s coming from. I’ve also followed his energizing podcast, part of Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips empire.  At my Podcamp talk yesterday on e-books, I passed around my Kindle and other e-readers.  Stever checked every one for a copy of his book and found none – an omission which he brought to my attention with gusto. I rectified this by purchasing the Kindle copy during his talk later in the day.  And as you can see in the photo, he didn’t hesitate last night to provide a digital autograph by typing a note on the title page as it appears on my Kindle.

I’ve been a devotee of David Allen’s Getting Things Done – ( Kindle version ) – , a huge bestseller that launched an organizing cult and probably boosted the sale of labeler machines by a measurable amount. David Allen is a great guy, and I’ve attended a couple of his workshops.  Where David is calm and comfortable in a business suit, Stever considers a necktie to be a form of hangman’s noose.  He seemed ready to break out in song at any minute during his book reading.  In fact, he is collaborating with a friend in New York City to create a musical about file folders and — well, let’s just wait and see. It’s bound to be uniquely great.

Meanwhile, I’ve started a careful read of his book. I’ve written down my life purpose, and am going to give his 9 steps a shot.  The big thing is, if he succeeds in helping me free up time by getting things done more efficiently, I need to use that time well instead of filling it up with more distracting work that doesn’t advance my life purpose. I’ve heard this all before, but it’s good to hear it again from a fresh, new voice and to read it in a well-written book.  It helps when the author himself is on fire with desire to sing the new song of his own life’s purpose.

Go get ’em, Stever!

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