Off-Season Interlude at Ocean Park

Before heading back to Denver next week, we are spending a couple of days in wintry Ocean Park, Maine. I’ve never seen this much snow here, and I love it. I sat for a while this morning on a big, wooden beam that had washed up from who knows where.  On one side of the sand the snow looked like sea foam, surging onto the beach from the wrong direction. On the other side, the ocean was rippling like a lake, with no real surf. Just a few walkers passed by, all of them offering greetings that would have gone unsaid in the busy beach days of summer.

Darlene and Holly have been quilting up a storm all day, and I spent most of the afternoon working on spreadsheets of donations from last year for E-Books for Troops.  It’s easy to pay attention to what you’re doing here, away from the city, especially when so few people are around.  Tomorrow will be a day mostly for reading my Kindle and spending some more time out by the sea and the snow.


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