Who Called This Meeting?


Here at Ocean Park, Maine, it’s a good idea to claim your part of the weekend beach early. Whoever arranged these chairs was up before 7 a.m., when I spotted the empty circle on my bike ride. I found the sight mysterious. Who would be sitting in these chairs at noon? What would they talk about? In what language? For how long?

My new McLuhan project also seems like a circle of chairs arranged on a beach. I might ask the same questions, wondering where my daily encounter with McLuhan’s life and writing might lead, and who will show up.

When I first started reading Gutenberg Galaxy on my Kindle, I had a jolt of surprise to see a sentence highlighted by Craig Mod, a noted thinker and analyst on bookish topics. I’m following Mod’s public highlights via kindle.amazon.com, but this is the first time I’ve come across one on my Kindle. I’m sure my explorations will bring many other serendipitous connections.

For now, though, I’ll shift from digital to full-on human connections as my cousins stop by to visit and my parents ready their departure for Cambridge.

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