Blogging the Rhine

I will be using Google Glass to capture scenes from our travels in Europe, now under way aboard Ingvi, a spanking new longship owned by Viking River Cruises. We arrived yesterday from Denver and boarded the boat (or is it a ship? not sure) in Basel, Switzerland. Our Casper, Wyoming, friends Tom and Tish Atkinson are traveling with us, and in fact Tom is the one who had the idea for this adventure last fall. Brilliant!

During dinner last night we noticed that the river and shore were moving, which meant we were leaving Basel to begin the journey. I felt disoriented at first, because the big room had seemed like a restaurant that wasn’t going anywhere until just a few moments before.

Leaving Market Street bus station in Denver. (Photo by Deb)

Leaving Market Street bus station in Denver. (Photo by Deb)

Our cabin is on the lower level, and we can see the river from a wide, narrow window at about eye level. It’s a tiny room, not much bigger than the queen-size bed, but everything is immaculate and new. The miniature bathroom has a shower and plenty of light. The closet and bureau space is well designed, with real coat hangers. The movement of the boat during the night was gentle and soothing for sleep, but I still woke up at 4:30 too excited to get a full night’s rest. I am sitting in a lounge area with a cup of coffee taking care of online business while most of the 150 passengers sleep. Breakfast will be in about an hour, and then a tour somewhere but I can’t remember the details.

I can tell by the blurriness of my mind that a power nap is in order down in the cabin, and then breakfast with people who get up at a normal hour.

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