Good Morning, Miami!


The passengers on American flight 2454 are waking up quietly to light bouncing off clouds into the cabin. We land soon, so I doubt there will be time for the flight attendants to bring coffee. Some people sleep with their heads back, resting on the top of their seats. A few sleep with head bowed low, as if in prayer.

Back home in the middle of the night, Darlene and I had woken up a few minutes before our iPhone alarms, set to 2 a.m., went off. We were at Logan by 3, and that was none too soon, because a long line awaited us at security. McDonalds was the only choice for a quick breakfast. Since they are on the other side of security, they smartly display bottles of water for sale on top of the cash registers, and we bought a couple.

Deb has a good view of the clouds from her window seat in row 13. Darlene and I are on opposite sides of the aisle. She’s reading her Paperwhite. The guy between them is still asleep. A restless boy and girl in 14 B and C have been up and down the aisle already, looking for adventure. He drapes his arms from the seat in front and his own, turning the plane into a jungle gym.

“We’re currently passing 14,000 feet,” the captain says from the intercom. He makes it sound as if it’s noon already, so chipper and alert. He thanks us for parting with our hard-earned money to fly American. He tried to get us to Miami a few minutes early and apologizes that we’ll be just on time. It was a smooth, sleepy flight. After a layover of about an hour and a half, we will take wing for Quito, Ecuador.

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