I Can Hear Music

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“Alexa, play Beach Boys music from 1969.”

“Sweet, sweet music whenever you touch me baby, whenever you’re near.” Great song, fetched from the tens of millions of songs I could choose this morning in the kitchen, thanks to Amazon Music Unlimited via Echo Dot.

I’m still trying to get my mind around how my life is better with tens of millions of songs instead of a mere 2 million. That’s the difference $8 a month makes with my Unlimited subscription. It would be $10 if I were not a member of Amazon Prime.

I am paying for possibilities. The chances of finding the music I want are greater. My cloud library of tunes just got way bigger. It has my favorite song from high school, “I Got Rhythm” by the Happenings. When I delivered copy and layout for my school newspaper, The Panel, to The Winchester Star, my life was good — another deadline met, another issue full of good stuff. One day that song came on as I was coming or going to The Star, it was sunny I’m sure, and that song came on the radio of the Chevelle. I cranked it up and bobbed my head.

“In this fast and troubled world we sometimes lose our way, but I am never lost. I feel this way because….dit dit dit dit rhythm dit dit dit rhythm…I’ve got rhythm, I’ve got music, I’ve got my girl, who could ask for anything more?”

“Alexa, go back 15 seconds.” She got it almost right, returning me to the beginning of the song, so I could write down the lyrics.

“Alexa, play it again.”

“Old man trouble, I don’t mind him. You won’t find him round my door.”

Who could ask for more?

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