Am I Really Writing This Blog?

I followed an Instapundit link to an item about bloggers declaring war on the Times of India. It included a comment by Rush Limbaugh, but when I clicked on his name, my e-mail program whipped up a message to . That looks like a fishy address; I am sure Rush can afford his own domain without using Yahoo mail. But I wasn’t about to try it, for fear I’d end up receiving a lifetime membership as a Ditto Head. What was even odder was that the comment, “I support you”, was a link to a blog apparently written by Bill Clinton. I’ve always thought Clinton would make the perfect blogger, so I was excited to see it. Nothing on the blog showed it to be satire or spoof, and the voice was convincing. Doesn’t the following excerpt SOUND like Clinton?

I had a lot of time, when I was in the hospital to think about my future. I have at least twenty more years to go. I’m not interested in retiring. Just lying on my bed for days, made me understand how much I love my job. Whatever that job is nowadays, be it an educator, speechmaker, writer or peacemaker. I love my job and I want to continue being active in the world community for years to come.

I don’t think a Rhodes Scholar would misuse commas in such an odd way. And now I’m sure it’s a fake, because the official website for Clinton’s Foundation makes no mention of a blog, and I came across another blogger who was trying to figure out the same mystery.

I can see how someone might have fun putting up a satirical blog pretending to be Bill Clinton. But why work this hard simply to mimic him so accurately that it’s difficult to spot the deception? The posts go all the way back to June of last year. It’s creepy–like stalking, or identity theft. And it proves that you never know. This very blog you are reading now may not be what it seems. Perhaps it’s a spoof created by Matthew Saunders, the brilliant tech wizard at WESTAF, or Joel Taggert, talented poet and chef from the Zen Center of Denver. Reader beware!

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3 Responses to Am I Really Writing This Blog?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Or I could be Len posing as me posing as Bill Clinton. Does this mean I get to go to a French immersion school with Hillary?

    Reminds me of the Landover Baptist Church mail section – real Christians condemning what they think are overly intolerant Baptists; real Christians condemning satire of far-right Christianity; fake Christians praising Landover Baptist; fake Christians condemning Landover Baptist; and quite possibly, real Christians praising Landover Baptist. All in all, it’s funny. Very funny.


  2. Len says:

    Thanks, Pastor Joel! The Landover site is, as we’d say in New England, wicked good!

  3. Anonymous says:

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