Odds and Ends

Tidbits found during an hour of wi-fi heaven at Starbucks in Saco, Maine:

A graphic on why Robert Novak walked off the set at CNN after a dig by James Carville.

News of a new way to collect customized news feeds on Google. I don’t have time today to figure it out but have made a note to play with it later.

A typically articulate British dogfight over whether mainstream bloggers have a right to blog along with the rest of us amateurs.

A whacked-out but possibly brilliant analysis by Douglas Rushkoff on why terrorism is spreading and how to stop it.

For French-speakers only: My friend friend André has posted a thoughtful comment to my earlier post about the difference between Americans and French ways of expression.

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One Response to Odds and Ends

  1. Joel Tagert says:

    Fortunately, Len, the wonder of the Internet makes it possible for you to watch Novak storming off the set any time you like. Check it out at Crooks and Liars, which has just about every damn news media clip around:


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