The Sexiest Laptop in the Room

Well, I’m not the only one intimidated by the torrent of web terms and tools coming our way from the instructors at Blogs n Dogs. As the approximately 30 participants introduced themselves, plenty expressed a feeling of being overwhelmed, and a good number had not even started blogging yet. I checked my own blog and was pleased to see that I have been at it since June, 2002, when I posted my first tentative blog entry during my Bennington MFA program. After I did my intro, instructor Eric Rice added, “and you also have the sexiest laptop in the room.” Hal, a San Franciscan sitting next to me, agreed, confessing, “I’m a Mac fanatic and I want one.” My svelte Vaio, my sweet, my 1.8 pounds of techno-panache.

We are in a “blog posting time” break after the first whirlwind session on the technology that powers blogs–RSS and aggregation, mainly. I’ve just scanned the notes I typed, but it’s all a blur. The main thing I decided is that I want to explore Flickr for my photos. It’s a free site that now contains 45 million photos, including 142 that have already been posted from people here at Blogs n Dogs.

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