Roland Tanglao interviews a normal person

Roland Tanglao interviewed Dogger Bloggers last night for a couch podcast during the popcorn reception, and I was his first guest. If you click on the long file name beginning with “blogsndogs-ref1-len-edgerly…” and then on “open” you should be able to hear the interview.

Roland, whose title is Chief Blogging Officer at a web-wizard company that he cofounded named Bryght in Vancouver, gives a handy overview of Really Simple Syndication (RSS), the gasoline that fuels a wide range of web innovations sometimes being referred to as Web 2.0. The most comforting part of his explanation is that in the not-too-far-distant future, RSS will be built into all software, so civilians won’t have to understand it any more than they have to understand what’s happening under the hood when they hit “send” on an e-mail.
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