Headed South

I walked Claire out by the river this morning and heard lots of Canada Geese honking as they rose from the water and headed south. That’s our plan, too. We probably won’t have a chance to stop and explore Québec City this trip, as we make a goose line to New Hampshire, hunting for peak foliage. My restless quilter companion is cracking her whip, reminding me that I promised we would be leaving Rivière-du-Loup by 9 a.m. Which means I won’t have a chance to try posting the audio file of the geese, or add this photo to Flickr. (If you click to enlarge it you may be able to see the geese by the steeples.)

I’m dreaming of a wooded place, maybe even still in Canada–Sherbrooke?–whose trees scream “Peak! Peak! Peak!” and where a campground with full hookups also has reliable, fast WI-FI. We’d be a couple of happy honkers in such a place, and would probably stay there a week before moving even further south.

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