Lingering Amidst the Colors

Scenes like this in the trees of the KOA campground have convinced us to linger in Saint Nicolas, across the St. Lawrence from Québec City. It’s nearly 11 p.m., and Darlene is still working on the wall hanging whose beginnings were chronicled in the last two videoblog episodes of the Mile High Pod Chronicles.

I just returned from a French AA meeting in Sillery, a neighborhood of Québec. They asked me to read the Preamble, which put my French speaking to a notable test, up at the speaker’s table, into a microphone. I loved it, actually, and gave it my best shot. The meeting was in a convent, attended by about 40 people. On the taxi ride back to the campground, my driver got so excited talking about the coup that overthrew Allende in his native Chile that he missed the exit and we spent an extra half hour getting unlost.

I wasn’t as productive as Darlene was today, but I did set up a Skype account — my username is LenEdgerly, so give me a call — and I loaded Shozu onto my Motorola Q phone so I can upload photos and blog entries directly to Flickr and Blogger without going through a computer. Darlene has been at her Bernina sewing machine now for 16 hours straight, and the results are going to be gorgeous.

My Flickr set of photos taken so far on the Ramble totals 38 shots, collected here.

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