World’s First Streaming Train Ride?

Maybe! I hooked up my MacBook Pro to the internet while riding the rails from Baltimore to Boston yesterday and created a feed for most of the way. My Verizon EVDO connection cut out from time to time in tunnels and the deep woods of Connecticut, but I had a few loyal fellow travelers with me, especially Jim Howard of Miami, who blogged about the ride at his Show Me Blog and captured some of the video so he could post it at Yahoo Video, as seen above in the embedded video player.

Also checking in were my mother, my wife Darlene, my friend Kes Woodward from Fairbanks, a guy from a suburb of London, and a guy named Rob in Vancouver, Washington. The young woman riding next to me on the train, Bizan, was a good sport and ended up chatting with the viewers as my impromptu co-host. This prompted requests for her phone number and the observation that she was “a hottie.” Yes, it’s a web-jungle out there, friends.

In all, it was a surreal ride on the new digital rails. The little audience on UStream could see and hear me, but all I could see were the text messages they left in the chat area. This new ability to stream video live is an amazing development. All aboard!

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