Mark Forman Makes Connections from Taiwan

I met Mark Forman in a UStream chat room when I was experimenting with live video in April of this year, and since then we keep running into each other on the Internet, mainly via Twitter and Facebook. He included kind comments on my videos in his latest podcast and blog entry, which really made me happy, I have to say.

It’s one thing to yak yak about New Media this and New Media that. But the real fun is when you connect with someone on a different continent in a way that makes the word “personal” take on new meaning. Let’s be honest. Mark and I are still basically strangers in the ways of the old world. We’ve never met in person. We’ve never had a meal or even a cup of coffee together. But when I open a window on my life through my videos, and when he watches with warmth and insight, then gives me articulate feedback… well, that gets pretty personal. And it definitely makes me want to keep pressing ahead on this strange adventure in electronic connections that simply weren’t possible five or 10 years ago.

Mark often calls me “dude” in his messages or Tweets. With my New England preppy background, that’s not a term I hear much applied to myself, but damn, I like the sound of it! Back at ya, dude!

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