Twitter Still on Operating Table

Last night Twitter warned us it would be “on the operating table” for 2.5 hours starting at midnight. So it should have been in the recovery room five hours ago. Instead, I’m getting the above message. I hope nothing went wrong. Meanwhile, I feel as if half of my mouth has been zipped shut.

I scanned Google Reader when I woke up at 5 a.m and found the Sidney Blumenthal Salon piece which details strong covert evidence presented to President Bush months before the Iraq invasion, stating there were no chemical or biological weapons. This is a big story that will unleash torrents of pixels and ink today. Also, I thought Fred Thompson got off to a good start on The Tonight Show, based on the transcript. Here is some video. But where to share these nuggets? Normally I’d craft and upload a couple of 140-character Tweets. A blog entry feels turgid and slow, like writing a letter by hand and licking an envelope. It just shows how I’ve come to depend on the Twitter stream both for sending and receiving little bursts of info and perspective. Good morning, Twitterers! I hope we’ll be reconnected soon…

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